Sign Language

Sign Language was made an official language of New Zealand in 2006. It is beautiful, expressive, poetic and sophisticated, with a structure quite different to spoken English. Signs are spatial, using direction and movement to convey meaning, and facial expressions to add intonation.


WordsWorth provides interpreters for Deaf and hearing people alike. We are experienced, qualified, and friendly interpreters working together. Our website gives you easy access to us. Our managers are expert interpreters too! We understand what you need because we have been there. We have designed our whole process around giving you the best interpreting experience.

Continuing Professional Development

We are serious about giving you the best interpreters for your job. We recognise that sometimes you need specialists who understand medical, legal and technical jargon, so we keep up to date and enhance our skills through our own training programs. Our experienced interpreters will be able to guide you through the process of making sure they are getting your message across accurately, whether you are an NZSL user or an English speaker.

The Team Leaders

Interpreter Manager: Shannon McKenzie
Training Manager: Shannon McKenzie
Booking Manager: Emma Mc Donald
Accounts Manager: Tania Sanders

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General Interpreting

We have friendly people ready to help with employment, education, family matters, public events, conferences, business, broadcasting, video recording, and everything else.

Specialist Interpreting

We have skilled experienced interpreters for legal, medical, and technical communication. This is a premium service for when you need to avoid confusion. We will match the interpreter to your needs. Contact us to discuss the job in detail.


We train hearing customers on how to work with deaf people. If you are interested, please contact us to talk about what you need. If you or your staff will be regular users, we offer this as a free service.

Internet Video Conferencing

We are developing world-leading technology in video communication so you can take your interpreter with you in your laptop! Back at base, we see and hear everything and interpret direct to your screen.

Services to Interpreters

We provide administrative, accounting, and training support to our interpreters, as well as managing their bookings and workload. This allows them to focus on what they do well. We look after our interpreters, which is why we get the best interpreters!