Interpreting Costs

About costs....


Who pays for interpreters?

We want to tell you that interpreter funding in New Zealand is simple. Unfortunately, it’s not currently, but we’ve attempted to break it down a little to give you some idea:

Crown agencies

Generally, government departments and crown agencies are expected by government to provide qualified interpreters for Deaf people in accordance with the NZSL Act 2006 and the UN Convention on Persons with Disabilities to which New Zealand is a signatory. This covers the likes of WINZ, ACC, IRD, Justice, Corrections, Housing New Zealand, etc.


Workbridge administers a fund for the government to pay for approved Deaf people to access support funds to participate in open employment. You can see their criteria and funding descriptions here. The Deaf person will need to have their support funds approved before they can book interpreters. Note: Approval should be confirmed by Workbridge prior to booking interpreters through WORDSWORTH otherwise the person may be billed for services provided or cancelled.


Depending on which DHB region you live in, there are different provisions. Hospitals usually provide interpreters for appointments if they know in time that one is required. In some DHB regions, you can have the interpreter at GP appointments and your DHB will pick up the tab.

Other Contracts

There are several other contracts held by various agencies. Tell us about your booking and we will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Please contact us to arrange a quote for your booking.